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What My Clients Have To Say

Harry Long was a huge hit with the groups I brought on music and culture tours of Ireland over the past 25 years. His knowledge of history, mythology, music and archaeology, is second to none. His warm personality and engaging manner make him a natural teacher and guide. He also excels as a whistle player and composer and has recorded several wonderful CDs.The first question my tour groups would ask every year was, “Will Harry be joining us?”

Robbie O’Connell, Celtica Music and Tours

As director of Waltons New School of Music, I have worked with Harry Long for over two decades. In that time, he has brought to teaching with us an understanding of and breadth of knowledge about both Irish history and Irish music that is second to none. In addition to working with us as a teacher of tin whistle and low whistle, he also teaches our Irish Music Tasters – made up of Bodhrán Tasters, Tin Whistle Tasters and An Introduction to Irish Music – that have introduced thousands of people from all over the world to Irish music. And he founded and directs Rig-a-Jig, an innovative Irish traditional music group, made up of New School students, that develops and performs its own arrangements of Irish music.

John Mardirosian, Director, Waltons New School of Music

As Principal of Oristown National School near Kells, Co. Meath, I worked with Harry Long on many projects over the years.  Harry taught Music at the school once a week and brought a great wealth of talent and experience to the school, drawing on his background in both History and Music.  In addition to his regular teaching of tin whistle, Harry was involved in more far-reaching projects at the school.  As part of the Peace Project, in which we were involved with schools in Northern Ireland and England, he composed a piece of music with the pupils called ‘The Harmony March’.  Children from Oristown performed this on whistles and keyboard in England with a brass band from Belfast and an orchestra from Warrington and it became a signature piece for the project.  He was also involved in the EU Comenius Project, preparing the children to perform music connected to Turkey, Sicily, Norway, Estonia and Portugal, visiting Norway with staff members as a representative of the school.  He also composed a special tune for the children to perform at the revival of the Summer Solstice Festival at Tara, the seat of the ancient High Kings of Ireland in June, 2003.  He later recorded this tune, ‘The Tara Jig’, with the band Coscán.  He was an inspirational and creative force at Oristown National School and we worked hard there to bring together diverse aspects of Irish and European History through music and song.  He brought an extra dimension to life at the school and the children learned much from him as well as experiencing great camaraderie and fun through learning and performing with him.

Marion Rogan, PhD , Historian and former School Principal